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A Family's Social Distancing Project


Locally our baskets are sold

St. Croix, USVI         - @ Eden South - 3 Company St. / Christiansted

                  and @ Crucian Gold - 1112 Strand Street / Christiansted

St. Thomas, USVI - @ Fish Face  -  5143 Palm Passage / Charlotte Amalie

St. John, USVI - @ Bajo El Sol Gallery -  N Shore Rd, Mongoose Junction / Cruz Bay

In 2020 we started Crucian Bayside Creations to showcase the woven artistry that we had created during the pandemic lockdown. A family activity to pass the time during social distancing turned into a business. Each basket is one of a kind. Browse our products page and call our customer service agents to create and purchase your original Crucian Market Basket today.

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